Kiley and Brooke staff our Hygiene department. Their goal is to help our patients keep their teeth for a life time. They work with our patients to keep the tissue around the teeth healthy. They strive to educate patients about good oral hygiene- brushing twice a day and flossing once a day. They work with Dr. Luker and Dr. Reynolds to help provide excellent care to every one whom they serve.


A professional cleaning of a child's teeth every six months is very important. It not only familiarizes them with dental setting, it makes a children aware of their dental hygiene. A child in braces may need to have their teeth professionally cleaned more than twice a year. The bands and brackets can make it difficult for a child to keep all the bacteria and plague from forming on the teeth.


Teens and adults need to have a periodontal evaluation at least every six months. Your hygienist will measure the gum tissue around the tooth ( a healthy score is three millimeters or less) and discuss with you the frequency of professional cleanings that would best serve you.