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Restoring damaged teeth can be as simple as adding dental crowns. Versatile crowns not only improve the way that your teeth look, but dental-crownsthey also work to restore normal function! Read on to learn how your Springfield, IL, dentist, Dr. John Luker of Luker Dental Care, helps patients care for their smiles with crowns and other procedures and services!


How crowns help your smile

Crowns are hollow porcelain, ceramic, or resin restorations that slip over the top of teeth, covering them completely. The first step in the crown process involves reducing the size of your tooth to ensure that the crown fits properly.

Your Springfield dentist will also make an impression of your mouth during your first crown visit. This impression helps the technicians who create your new crown to ensure that it fits well and looks perfectly natural. In most cases, you'll need to wear a temporary crown for a few weeks until your permanent crown is ready.

Crowns can improve your smile by:

  • Repairing Damage: Broken teeth are unsightly and make eating difficult. In fact, it can be nearly impossible to chew with them. If you do attempt to chew or bite, you may accidentally cut your mouth, tongue, or lips when you eat. Crowns cover the broken ends of teeth, restore their normal function, and improve the way they look. Once your crown is added to your mouth, no one will ever be able to tell that your tooth was damaged.
  • Preventing Fractures: Teeth can become fragile if they're cracked or a root canal or large filling has weakened them. Unfortunately, these teeth are likely to break if you don't protect them. Crowns absorb biting forces when you chew, protecting the fragile teeth underneath.

Broken teeth are often painful if the fractured ends are exposed to the air. Placing a crown over the tooth not only improves your appearance but also ends your pain!

Crowns are also used to change the appearance of an undamaged tooth. Do you have a crooked tooth or one that just looks a little different? Crowns can alter the shape or height of your tooth. They also hide discolorations due to tooth trauma, large fillings, or childhood use of the antibiotic tetracycline.


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They may be one of the oldest dental treatments on record, but crowns and bridges remain a dentist's go-to restoration for a reason. dental crowns, dental bridgesFrom cosmetic to general dentistry issues like stained, cracked or severely decayed teeth, crowns are the great dental multitaskers - they help to keep teeth strong and beautiful with one solution. Dr. John Luker, a dentist in Springfield, IL, recommends crown restorations for common dental problems like:

  • To save a tooth from potential extraction when most of the tooth is lost to cavities and severe tooth decay
  • To restore a broken or fractured tooth
  • To seal a tooth after a root canal treatment
  • To cover stains and discolorations that can't be removed with professional teeth whitening treatments
  • To replace a missing tooth as part of a dental bridge
  • To complete a dental implant

Dental Restorations in Springfield, IL

The teeth are subjected to consistent pressure and wear and tear on a daily basis, even with the best oral hygiene habits. This can take a toll on the both the cosmetic and functional aspects of a smile. Crowns can help make a faded, damaged and weak set of teeth look like new, without an investment in major dental work. When it comes to cosmetic smile enhancements, dentists focus on a few key factors: color, size, shape, spacing and alignment. A crown, which fits over a damaged tooth like a cap, or as part of a bridge to replace a missing tooth, is like getting a new set of teeth, without drastically altering or changing the look and feel of the natural tooth. Crowns are also used to strengthen damaged teeth weakened by trauma or infections.

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Breaking, chipping, or losing a tooth or two may not always be preventable, but living with a damaged smile is optional. A simple crown restoration can help to improve your smile and manage the negative effects of living with tooth loss. For more information, contact Luker Dental Care by calling (217) 546-8330 to request an appointment with Dr. Luker today.