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By Luker Dental Care
July 23, 2019
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Do you need a dental filling? The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that over 31 percent of adult Americans have unrestored cavities. This concerns your Springfield dentist, Dr. John Luker. He urges his patients at Luker Dental Care to come in for regular check-ups and cleanings and to know the signs which indicate you may need a dental filling.

What is tooth decay?

Tooth decay is a hole in your tooth enamel. When more extensive, this decay may infiltrate the inner dentin and even the pulp chamber, tooth roots and bone. So, your dentist in Springfield says to come into the office right away if you're experiencing signs you may need a dental filling.

What is a dental filling?

It's a patch in your tooth which restores a cavity. Dr. Luker may use composite resin, a durable and natural-looking mix of glass and plastic (today's preferred material for small to medium sized cavities). Your dentist will carefully remove the decay. The filling material is bonded right to the tooth structure and hardened with a dental light.

Signs you may need a filling

Fillings restore teeth to normal function, sensation and appearance. Your dentist may tell you you need one when you:

  • Have a noticeable crack or hole in or dark spot on your tooth
  • Report that your dental floss snags and frays on your tooth
  • Have a toothache or dental sensitivity to pressure, temperature or sugar
  • Have a broken, cracked or missing crown or filling

Also, fillings repair enamel worn due to age, poor dental bite and tooth clenching or grinding (bruxism). Dr. Luker will look at your tooth, probe it and take X-rays to evaluate the damage and recommend the right treatment.

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