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A smile expresses your emotions and personality. At Luker Dental Care in Springfield, IL, your dentist, Dr. John Luker, understands that some smiles don't match who the patient is inside. Cosmetic dentistry re-aligns the inner you and your personal appearance, and the results are wonderful. We will help you decide which procedure is right for your appearance and expectations.

A consultation comes first

Come to our Springfield, IL, office prepared to tell your dentist what you like and don't like about your smile. Maybe your lateral incisors are undersized, or you feel as though your crooked bottom teeth are your prominent facial feature. A cracked front tooth makes you cover your mouth when you smile.

Tell Dr. Luker. He has the experience and skill to remake those flaws--not according to some prescribed formula--but in a way that suits you as an individual. After all, cosmetic dentistry melds dental science and artistic skill and creativity.

Then, your dentist will examine your mouth and take some photos and X-rays. He may share images of other cosmetic smile makeovers to show you what's feasible for you. Finally, you'll agree on a care plan to be executed at your pace and according to your budget.

What we offer

At Luker Dental Care, we offer the best in cosmetic dentistry. From the simplest to the most complex of treatments, Dr. Luker does it all in a comfortable, relaxed manner, and you'll love the final reveal.

Here are some of our services:

  1. Teeth whitening in the office or at home using concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel which powers out years of ugly stains
  2. Cosmetic contouring, light sanding, and reshaping of ragged, chipped, or uneven tooth surfaces and edges
  3. Composite resin bonding, the addition of a lifelike putty which Dr. Luker shapes and hardens to erase small flaws and gaps
  4. Porcelain veneers, light but durable laminates of tooth-colored ceramic which camouflage more extensive, single-tooth defects
  5. Dental implants to substitute for missing natural teeth and to reinforce your gum tissue and bone structure for a natural, youthful facial appearance

An outstanding result

No matter how simple or complex your smile makeover, Luker Dental Care can make it happen. Your dentist, Dr. John Luker, loves to see his patients happy with their renewed smiles. Call our Springfield, IL, office for a friendly discussion of your options: (217) 546-8330.