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By Luker Dental Care
January 25, 2017
Category: Oral Health
Tags: nutrition  

While you may have grown up hearing your parents mention that sugar will “rot your teeth”, you may be unaware that other foods can nutritionalso do more harm to your smile than good. Eating tooth-healthy foods can benefit both your dental and overall health. Learn more about which foods are good and bad for your teeth with Dr. John Luker at Luker Dental Care in Springfield, IL.

Which foods are unhealthy for my teeth? 
Tooth decay begins as bacteria on the teeth. The bacteria eats the carbs and sugars in your foods to grow into plaque, the next stage of tooth decay. Some foods which are notoriously bad for your teeth include:

  • sugary foods like candy and desserts
  • sugary drinks like soda
  • chewing ice
  • too much citrus
  • sticky foods like dried fruits
  • starchy foods like potato chips
  • alcohol

Since completely avoiding these foods and beverages is not feasible for everyone, there are some things you can do to lessen their impact on your teeth. After consuming these foods, try to drink a glass of water to help wash them off of your teeth. If you can, brush and floss after eating to help limit the time the foods are in contact with your teeth.

What are some tooth-healthy foods I can eat? 
Some good options for both your teeth and body include:

  • water
  • crunchy vegetables
  • fiber-rich foods
  • leafy greens
  • calcium-rich foods like yogurt or cheese

Regular Dental Examinations and Cleanings in Springfield, IL 
Seeing your dentist every six months for regular examinations and cleanings can help keep your teeth free of conditions like tooth decay and gum disease. These regular visits help your dentist catch issues with your smile before they snowball into greater problems which require more complex procedures.

If it's time for your six-month checkup, please contact Dr. Luker at Luker Dental Care in Springfield, IL. Call (217) 546-8330 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Luker today!